"How to Dance in Ohio" on Broadway highlights the experiences of individuals on the autism spectrum.

“How to Dance in Ohio” on Broadway highlights the experiences of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Emilio Amigo, a clinical psychologist in Columbus, Ohio, who manages a counseling center for individuals with autism, came up with a significant concept. He shared, “Several of my patients were not able to attend their homecoming or prom events due to feeling unwelcome.” He then asked, “How many of you would be interested in attending a grand formal event?”

The act of organizing a prom required the instructor to educate his customers on unfamiliar abilities, such as dancing and courting. The events leading up to the big day were captured in a film released in 2015 titled “How to Dance in Ohio.”

The tale has been transformed into a Broadway production.


The recently debuted Broadway production, “How to Dance in Ohio,” depicts the true story of a group of young individuals with autism as they prepare for their first formal dance. In a groundbreaking move, the autistic roles are portrayed by actors who are also on the autism spectrum.

“The Art of Dancing in Ohio”

“All members of our team receive feedback from individuals with autism expressing, ‘I have seen myself portrayed on stage.’ This is our motivation,” stated Sammi Cannold, the director of the show. However, she was not the original director. That role belonged to the renowned Hal Prince, known for directing productions such as “Phantom of the Opera,” “Evita,” “Cabaret,” and various Sondheim musicals. He unfortunately passed away in 2019.


Source: cbsnews.com