Sofía Vergara transformed herself into "Griselda"

Sofía Vergara transformed herself into “Griselda”

</p> <p>Sofía Vergara discusses her transformation into “Griselda” on CBS News.

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Sofía Vergara gained recognition for her portrayal of the spirited and comical Gloria Pritchett in the popular sitcom “Modern Family.” She now stars in “Griselda,” a new Netflix show centered around Griselda Blanco, a Colombian drug lord known as “The Black Widow,” who was rumored to be responsible for numerous deaths. In an interview with correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti, Vergara discusses her challenging role and the use of prosthetics to completely alter her appearance. Director Andrés Baiz and writer Eric Newman, known for their work on “Narcos,” also share their thoughts on Vergara’s bold performance.

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