Sofía Vergara transformed herself into the role of "Griselda"

Sofía Vergara transformed herself into the role of “Griselda”

For 11 seasons, we became familiar with Sofía Vergara as the spirited and humorous Gloria Pritchett in the ABC comedy “Modern Family.” Now, three years after the show’s finale, Vergara has returned with a vastly different character. In her latest role, the 51-year-old plays a tough and ruthless murderer who smokes, wields a baseball bat, and carries a gun. “My main goal was to make sure that viewers didn’t see me as Gloria Pritchett,” Vergara stated. “That’s what I aimed to avoid.”

The upcoming Netflix series, “Griselda,” follows the life of Griselda Blanco, a single mother of four who became a notorious leader of a drug cartel. According to Vergara, the show’s creator, Blanco was a Colombian woman who dominated the drug trade in both Colombia and the United States during the 1970s and 1980s. As a woman, Vergara found herself intrigued by Blanco’s ability to surpass even the most ruthless and terrifying men in the business.

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Blanco was among the first drug lords to bring cocaine to the American masses. Called the Black Widow, she was rumored to have ordered the deaths of hundreds of people.

The new show “Griselda” will be available worldwide on Netflix starting on January 25th.


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