The proprietor of a mobile gaming trailer in Detroit, owned by a Black individual, aims to motivate children to pursue their aspirations.

The proprietor of a mobile gaming trailer in Detroit, owned by a Black individual, aims to motivate children to pursue their aspirations.

(CBS DETROIT) – The gaming industry continues to be a booming business around the world. According to Statista, revenues reached nearly $300 billion this year, and that’s expected to grow.

Currently, players are utilizing video games not just for enjoyment, but also as a means for pursuing a professional path.

A man from Detroit is taking action to achieve this goal with his mobile gaming company, aiming to inspire children to have faith in their abilities and aspirations.

Tyrell Slappey is fulfilling his version of the American Dream by transforming his lifelong passion for video games into a thriving enterprise.

Slappey admitted to continuously playing video games without interruption. They have even skipped work and cancelled plans in order to prioritize gaming. Slappey expressed a great passion for gaming.

Slappey, along with his mother and business partner, is the co-owner of Round One Gaming Lab.

It is a mobile gaming trailer that looks like a portable arcade.

A couple of years back, Slappey initiated the business which has now gained popularity for being a highlight at birthday celebrations and other gatherings in Metro Detroit.

The preview includes five plasma screens, the most recent versions of PlayStation and Xbox, and a vast selection of games.

Round One Gaming Lab is a gamer’s paradise and a kid’s virtual playground

Slappey stated that when they arrive, the children are outside, cheering loudly as their car approaches.

The responses from children serve as a reminder to Slappey of the events that brought him to this stage.

He developed a love for gaming at a young age, but never imagined it would grow into a multi-billion dollar industry.

He stated that he never would have imagined gaming to be at this level in a million years.

The children serve as a constant reminder of how much progress he has made.

Slappey was raised in a challenging community on the east side of Detroit. He considers it a privilege to be a business owner, even though he had limited male figures to look up to while growing up.

“I was raised by mostly women around me,” Slappey shared. “As a single mother, the male influences in my life were not always positive and were often in and out of jail.”

According to Slappey, children become intrigued rather than just excited when they watch the trailer.

Slappey is often asked about his journey to becoming a business owner. He quickly realized that his games not only brought joy to children, but also instilled hope and gave him a sense of purpose.

He stated that this enterprise is not just about playing games or being an entrepreneur. It is a source of hope for the children in the city.

Slappey finds it fulfilling to witness the influence he can have on individuals through gaming, and he expresses his desire to reach out to as many children as he can.

“We desire to be present not only at barbecues, backyard parties, and birthdays, but also at significant events that shape the spirit of Detroit, such as the auto show and Thanksgiving parade. We aim to have a presence at LCA (Little Caesars Arena) and the Lions’ tailgates, and we have already received considerable business from these events,” he stated.

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