The residence of a prominent donor for New York City Mayor Eric Adams was searched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The residence of a prominent donor for New York City Mayor Eric Adams was searched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The FBI conducts a search at the residence of a prominent donor to Mayor Adams.

The FBI conducts a search at the residence of a top donor for Mayor Adams at 03:02.

The Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, abruptly ended a meeting at the White House about the issue of asylum seekers on Thursday. This decision was made following raids conducted by the FBI and NYPD on various locations in New York, including the residence of his top fundraiser.

The reason for the mayor’s abrupt departure from Washington has not been disclosed by City Hall, but according to sources who spoke to CBS New York, it was due to an international investigation into “foreign government influence peddling.”

“I’m sure you’re aware of the reports about one of my campaign team members. Let me assure you, I am known for following rules and regulations. We will cooperate with any investigation, as we always do. I have not received any communication regarding this matter, and I will continue to lead this amazing city, the best in the world,” stated Adams during a Thursday evening address.

Mayor Adams addresses the FBI’s raid on the Brooklyn residence of a campaign consultant in a public statement at 00:56.

According to his campaign advisor, the mayor has not been informed about the investigation and it is unknown how many individuals in Adams’ group may be implicated.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has cancelled his planned trip to Washington, D.C. where he was scheduled to address the current crisis surrounding asylum seekers.

On a Thursday morning in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, FBI agents were spotted in a low-key neighborhood raid, some wearing raid jackets and others in regular clothes. They were seen carrying boxes of evidence from the home of Brianna Suggs, the chief fundraiser for the mayor. This caused Adams to skip a meeting at the White House regarding the migrant crisis and go back home.

According to a spokesperson from City Hall, the mayor has returned to New York City in order to attend to a specific matter.

According to reports, the Crown Heights raid was just one of several locations that law enforcement and federal agents investigated as part of a global investigation into potential foreign government influence peddling.

The details of the situation and the number of people being investigated within the mayor’s inner circle were not clearly defined.

A reliable insider informed CBS New York that the federal investigation may examine a foreign nation, specifically Turkey, in relation to Adams.

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The mayor’s legal advisor for the campaign stated, “Mayor Adams has not been approached in relation to this investigation. He has consistently maintained the campaign to the utmost standards.”

The campaign office was handling all calls for City Hall due to the initial raid at Suggs’ brownstone in Crown Heights.

As reported, FBI agents from a public corruption team interviewed Suggs during the search. She has not been accused of any wrongdoing and there is no information available about the contents of the evidence boxes that agents were loading into a black van.

Before abruptly returning to New York, Adams posted on social media while on the plane to Washington.

Besides being employed by the campaign, Suggs has received nearly $100,000 in compensation during the previous two years. Suggs also serves as a fundraiser and lobbyist.

On Thursday evening, Deputy Mayor Fabian Levy released a statement stating that the mayor was made aware of a campaign-related matter and is taking it seriously. As a result, the mayor is returning to New York as soon as possible and will reschedule his meetings in Washington at a later time.

Once more, there have been no arrests, no charges have been pressed, and as per the mayor’s attorney, Adams has not been reached out to.

Marcia Kramer