Victoria Monét, who has been nominated for a Grammy, reflects on her historic achievement as being one step closer to fulfilling a significant aspiration.

Victoria Monét, who has been nominated for a Grammy, reflects on her historic achievement as being one step closer to fulfilling a significant aspiration.

It is thought that Victoria Monét is achieving a milestone with her seven Grammy nominations, making her the most nominated openly queer, Black woman artist in one year. Her 2-year-old daughter, Hazel, is also setting a record as the youngest ever Grammy nominee for Best Traditional R&B Performance, being featured on Monét’s popular song “Hollywood” alongside Earth, Wind & Fire.

top 3

Upon hearing her name announced as one of the top 3 finalists, Monét was filled with excitement.

Nominees for the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, she was floored.

Monét, 34, revealed in an interview for “CBS Mornings” “Road to the Grammys” series with co-anchor Gayle King that there was not even a pause between them to process the first one. She admitted that she would have been captivated by just one.

Jaguar II has been nominated for several Grammy awards, including Best Engineered Album in the Non-Classical category, Best R&B Album, Best R&B Song for “On My Mama,” Best Traditional R&B Performance for “Hollywood,” Best R&B Performance for “How Does It Make You Feel,” and Best New Artist. Additionally, “On My Mama” has been nominated for Record of the Year.

Monét expressed that achieving this accomplishment brings her one step closer to her ultimate dream. She also noted that experiencing multiple successes felt like a sign from God.

Monét’s hit song, “On My Mama,” which is now up for a Grammy nomination, has been featured on numerous “Best of 2023” compilations. The catchy dance moves in the music video have also gained popularity online.

Monét explained that the song has gained popularity beyond her personal network, with people from her church even referencing it in sermons and singing it. She described the record as fun and dance-worthy, with a universal message that relates to her grandmother, mother, and daughter.

Recording “On My Mama”

“On My Mama” was recorded weeks after Monét had her daughter, Hazel, and she has said she was struggling with postpartum depression.

During that period, I was creating numerous songs that I lacked confidence in. My vocal abilities had undergone changes and I was unsure of what to write about due to the ongoing pandemic. As a result, my experiences and inspirations were limited. Now, I find myself in the studio with a new baby, breastfeeding while trying to come up with lyrics. It’s a daunting task – what do I even say? Monét reflected on this experience.

In the end, Monét expressed that the lyrics transformed into positive words and a mantra.

Monét stated, “I’m not feeling confident or attractive at the moment. However, I will continue to say it until I truly believe it.”

As an artist, Monét aspires to continuously discover fresh sounds that can resonate with various age groups. She holds a special fondness for music from the 1960s and 1970s, which was frequently played by her grandparents.

King mentioned that you are looking for music suitable for a smoky bedroom or a family reunion.

Monét agreed that she wants both the generation who grew up with the music in their prime to appreciate it, as well as her own generation to find the lyrics enjoyable and use them as captions. She desires to create a juxtaposition between the two groups.

Making history

Monét, a self-described bisexual, acknowledges that it took a while for her to reach a place where she could fully embrace and express her identity.

Monét shared with King that it took a considerable amount of time, more than half of her lifetime, to reach a point where she felt confident enough to speak up. She believes that the present moment is the perfect opportunity to assert herself and embrace her identity with pride.

Victoria Monét with her daughter Hazel

Hazel, the daughter of Victoria Monét, is nearly 3 years old and holds the record for being the youngest nominee for a Grammy award.

CBS Mornings

Monét has many reasons to feel proud – both as a mother and as an artist. Her daughter, Hazel, who she affectionately refers to as her “mini-me,” has the potential to become the youngest ever recipient of a Grammy Award and will be joining her mother at the prestigious awards ceremony.

“I am mentally picturing it. I am thinking, ‘What does it look like? What scent am I giving off? How much weight do they have? Does my daughter have one? Is she beside me? Which team members are nearby? Who do I want to express gratitude towards?’ I am actively engaging in intense visualizations because it feels within reach,” Monét explained.

“You’re close to achieving your goal. And you have seven opportunities to make it happen,” King chuckled.

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards will air live on CBS and can also be streamed on Paramount+ on Sunday, February 4th at 8 p.m. ET or 5 p.m. PT.