A GOP representative is attempting to modify the motion-to-vacate rule that resulted in McCarthy's downfall.

A GOP representative is attempting to modify the motion-to-vacate rule that resulted in McCarthy’s downfall.

A member of the House of Representatives from the Republican party in Washington has proposed a measure to increase the difficulty of removing the House speaker from their position, following the recent resignation of Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Removed from the position.

Earlier this month, a historic vote took place.

On Monday, Ohio Representative Max Miller proposed a resolution to adjust the minimum requirement for initiating a motion of no confidence against the House speaker, commonly known as a motion to remove the chair. Under Miller’s proposal, the motion would need the backing of at least 112 members from either the majority or minority party to proceed.

“After experiencing three weeks of paralysis, it is evident that we should not allow ourselves to be controlled by the desires and personal resentments of a small group of individuals. The American people expect us to diligently promote practical and conservative initiatives, rather than engaging in trivial political games,” Miller stated. “Modifying this regulation is a straightforward measure towards achieving our objective and maintaining the House’s progress.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz from Florida followed through on his promise to present a resolution to remove him from his leadership position, as McCarthy heavily depended on votes from House Democrats to temporarily maintain his role.

Prevent a shutdown of the government.. 

Rep. Gaetz, along with seven other GOP members and all House Democrats, voted in favor of removing Rep. McCarthy, marking the first instance in American history where a House speaker was removed through this type of action.

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The situation devolved into disarray for several weeks.

Republicans were unable to come together and choose a new speaker, resulting in their failure. Finally, Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana was selected.

Received the position of speaker.

Last week, Republicans unanimously supported the measure.

Johnson, along withseveral other Republicans

It appears that there is a willingness to increase the minimum requirement.

Johnson said to Sean Hannity on Fox News last week that they plan on making some changes.

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