At least 157 people have died and families are trapped under the debris of their collapsed homes following an earthquake in Nepal.

A powerful earthquake in western Nepal has resulted in the death of at least 128 individuals.

A strong earthquake in western Nepal has resulted in the deaths of at least 128 people. The incident occurred at 00:27.

Survivors of a strong capital

The capital of Nepal was hit by an earthquake.

In the middle of the night in the northwest, there were reports of sudden shaking and houses collapsing, resulting in entire families being buried. The death toll has now reached 157 as of Saturday.

According to local media, the majority of those who died were crushed by rubble when their homes, which were typically constructed by piling rocks and logs, collapsed during the midnight tremor on Friday.

Rescue efforts were hindered by the need to reach remote mountain villages on foot, as roads were blocked by landslides caused by the earthquake. Soldiers were working to clear the roads.

Narendra Modi expressed on his social media platform his profound sadness over the loss of lives and destruction caused by the earthquake in Nepal. He stated that India stands united with the people of Nepal and is willing to provide any aid possible.

killed 8,000 people

In 2015, a devastating earthquake in Nepal resulted in the loss of 8,000 lives. killed almost 9,000 people

Causing immense destruction and devastation to the nation.