Biden does not have plans to attend the COP28 climate conference in Dubai.

Biden does not have plans to attend the COP28 climate conference in Dubai.

Recent findings reveal an increase in severe weather events and natural calamities.

Exploring the latest discoveries of the National Climate Assessment at 4:30 AM.

Washington — President Biden is not planning to attend the United Nations climate change conference known as COP28 that starts this week in Dubai, remaining stateside as he focuses on domestic affairs and the crisis in Israel and Gaza. 

The upcoming conference, which will last for two weeks, is expected to have a large number of attendees, including global leaders and diplomats. The president has previously participated in this summit. The White House will be represented by a team, which includes John Kerry, who serves as the U.S. special presidential envoy for climate. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also scheduled to attend events related to COP28.

The White House’s weekly schedule, released on Sunday, did not include the conference in the President’s itinerary. However, a spokesperson stated on Monday that there were no current travel plans for the President. They also expressed anticipation for a successful and impactful COP28, which will build upon the administration’s efforts to address the climate crisis.

The Fifth National Climate Assessment has provided a bleak forecast for the United States as climate change continues to worsen. According to the report, current efforts to mitigate its impact are deemed inadequate.

“If someone intentionally disregards the effects of climate change, they are jeopardizing the future of the American population.”the president said

Upon the release of the report, it was stated that the observed impacts will continue to escalate in severity, frequency, and cost.

Kathryn Watson