How can you disable the iPhone's latest NameDrop feature, which the iOS 17 authorities are cautioning against?

How can you disable the iPhone’s latest NameDrop feature, which the iOS 17 authorities are cautioning against?

The police are advising parents to disable a new iPhone feature on their children’s phones.

The default setting for the new iPhone feature “NameDrop” is turned on.

The latest iOS 17 update for Apple’s iPhone includes a feature called “NameDrop” that is automatically turned on for users who install the update. This has led to authorities providing instructions on how to disable the feature.

The functionality enables iPhone users to exchange their contact details with nearby devices, such as iPhones and watches, and also receive contacts from others.

Can you explain how the NameDrop feature functions?

Simply hold your phone’s screen near the top of another person’s iPhone to trigger a vibration on both devices. This will prompt a NameDrop notification on both screens, giving users the option to exchange contact cards.


Why are officials cautioning iPhone users regarding NameDrop?

Using this feature allows for convenient sharing of information without the need to send a text or manually share a contact card. However, authorities caution that it may also make it easier for malicious individuals to obtain personal information from unsuspecting individuals.

The function has triggered

Police departments throughout the United States are issuing notifications to parents.

The Jefferson Hills Police Department advised parents of children with iPhones to disable the feature.

According to a post on Facebook by the department, this function has the potential to easily share your contact information by simply placing your phones in close proximity. Make sure to adjust these settings on your children’s phones after the update to ensure their safety.

Steps to Disable NameDrop on Your iPhone.

NameDrop feature.

  • Begin by accessing the settings on your iPhone.

  • Next, select “General” and then “AirDrop.”

  • To disable NameDrop, switch the “Bringing Devices Together” sharing option toggle to the off position.


Disable the feature in the iPhone’s settings.

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