done Former executive of the Trump Organization, Jeffrey McConney, becomes emotional during testimony at fraud trial, expresses “great pride” in his past contributions.

Week 2 of the Trump civil fraud trial will see the defense begin presenting its case.

The second week of the Trump civil fraud trial begins with the defense presenting their case.

During a questioning session with his lawyer on Tuesday, Jeffrey McConney, the former controller of the Trump Organization, became emotional when asked about his decision to retire from the company after almost four decades.

McConney testified at the ongoing trial that he departed from the company he had “strong feelings” for due to the numerous investigations targeting it.

Trial for a civil fraud case in New York..

McConney expressed pride in his 35 years of work, and mentioned being subpoenaed by various agencies in recent times, such as federal investigators from the Southern District of New York and the state attorney general. He also mentioned testifying before a grand jury, but did not mention the numerous days he spent testifying as a witness in the company’s 2022 criminal fraud trial.