Due to severe weather conditions and the passing of a fan, Taylor Swift has decided to reschedule her show in Rio de Janeiro.

Due to severe weather conditions and the passing of a fan, Taylor Swift has decided to reschedule her show in Rio de Janeiro.

Taylor Swift

The singer’s Instagram account announced that a 23-year-old fan passed away during her Friday night concert in Rio de Janeiro, causing the postponement of her scheduled Eras Tour concert on Saturday.

“I am currently composing this message from my dressing room located within the stadium. Due to the high temperatures in Rio, the decision has been made to delay tonight’s performance,” stated the singer in a handwritten statement on Instagram. “Ensuring the safety and health of my fans, fellow performers, and crew is and always will be our top priority.”

The reason for Ana Clara Benevides Machado’s death, the young lady who sought medical assistance at Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium during the Friday event, has not been disclosed. The Rio public prosecutor’s office has initiated a criminal inquiry and stated that Benevides’ body is currently being examined.

The death of Benevides caused great shock among many individuals in Brazil. She had embarked on her inaugural flight to journey from the central-west region of the country to Rio in order to attend a concert by her favorite musician. In addition, she formed a WhatsApp group to constantly update her family, sharing pictures and videos at each stage of her trip, as confirmed by relatives to the online news site G1.

A firefighter cools off Taylor Swift fans with a hose as they queue outside the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium amid a heat wave in Rio de Janeiro on November 18, 2023.

On November 18, 2023, in Rio de Janeiro, a firefighter sprayed Taylor Swift fans with a hose to help them cool off while waiting in line outside the Nilton Santos Olympic Stadium during a hot weather period.

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The passing of the woman sparked anger among both fans and politicians, who speculated that it may have been caused by the intense heat.

Attendees of the concert expressed frustration about not being allowed to bring in water to the stadium, even though the temperature was extremely hot. On Saturday, as the heat persisted and two more shows were scheduled, government officials announced that complimentary water would be provided at concerts and other big gatherings.

A friend of Benevides, who attended the concert as well, informed local media that they were both provided with water while waiting to enter the stadium.

On Saturday morning, Swift posted on her social media expressing that she was heartbroken.

The singer stated that he had limited knowledge about the young woman, except for the fact that she was exceptionally beautiful and too young.

The company responsible for the show, Time4Fun, announced on Instagram that Benevides received medical attention after reporting feeling ill. She was first brought to a first-aid center and then transferred to a hospital, where she passed away one hour later, according to a statement from the Brazilian entertainment company.

Attendees of the Friday event reported that they were prohibited from bringing water bottles inside the stadium, despite the fact that Rio and many parts of Brazil have experienced exceptionally high temperatures this week due to a prolonged and hazardous heat wave. The temperature in Rio on Friday reached 39.1 degrees Celsius (102.4 degrees Fahrenheit), but it was perceived to be even hotter.

The apparent temperature in Rio reached a record high of 59 C (138 F) on Friday morning, due to a combination of temperature and humidity.

Elizabeth Morin, a 26-year-old who recently relocated from Los Angeles to Rio, characterized the atmosphere inside the stadium as “sauna-like.”

She stated that it was scorching hot and her hair was drenched in sweat as soon as she entered. She also mentioned having to monitor her breathing to avoid fainting.

Taylor Swift performs onstage on November 17, 202

On November 17, 2023, Taylor Swift takes the stage in Rio de Janeiro for a performance.

Buda Mendes/TAS23

Morin stated that she consumed a sufficient amount of water, however, she observed many individuals who appeared distressed and others who were loudly requesting water. She mentioned that she was able to obtain water from the sidelines of the section she was situated in, but it was much more difficult to access water from other areas of the stadium, particularly if one was worried about losing their designated spot.

According to Morin, while performing, Swift stopped and requested for water to be given to a group of individuals who had caught her attention.

She remembered that they were holding their phones up and saying, “We need water.”

Two additional attendees interviewed by The Associated Press reported seeing individuals experiencing discomfort due to the high temperatures at the concert.

While traveling to Rio, Benevides shared a video with her loved ones that was aired on the TV channel Globo News. In the video, she excitedly exclaimed, “Mom, look at the plane, it’s moving! Mom, I’m on the plane. Thank you, God! I’m so happy!”

Prior to the concert, she shared a video on Instagram of her donning a Taylor Swift T-shirt and friendship bracelets, huddling under an umbrella as she waited in line to get into the stadium.

Similar to her, numerous supporters stood outside in the sun for hours before being granted entry.

She told her followers while fanning her face that she’d arrived at 11 a.m. — the show began around 7:30 p.m. — and was “still in the mess.”

Benevides’ companion, Daniele Menin, who accompanied her to the concert, stated to the online news site G1 that Benevides fainted during the opening of the concert, while Swift was performing her second song, “Cruel Summer.”

Menin told G1 that they had always planned to find a way to attend Taylor Swift’s concert in Brazil, despite the expensive ticket prices.

The Justice Minister of Brazil, Flávio Dino, stated on X (previously known as Twitter) that from now on, “concerts and festivals must allow water bottles made of appropriate material for personal use” and that organizers are responsible for supplying free and easily accessible drinking water.

Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, expressed on X that he finds it unacceptable for a young woman to lose her life, and called for an increase in the number of brigades and ambulances at future events.

However, the concert was rescheduled.

Hely Olivares, a 41-year-old Venezuelan who had journeyed from Panama to attend the artist’s performance, expressed disappointment along with the rest of the passengers on the train.

Prior to rescheduling the concert, Swift posted on Instagram that she would not mention the passing on stage “due to the immense sorrow I feel whenever I attempt to discuss it.”

She expressed that she currently feels a strong sense of loss and sympathizes with the family and friends of the deceased.

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