Haley's defeat in the Nevada primary was a result of a coordinated effort among "none of these candidates."

Haley’s defeat in the Nevada primary was a result of a coordinated effort among “none of these candidates.”

Nikki Haley’s surprising loss

The outcome of the Nevada primary, where Haley was the sole Republican candidate still vying for the nomination, was influenced by a planned campaign by Trump supporters to prevent her from winning, despite the fact that no GOP delegates were up for grabs.

According to CBS News, Trump’s caucus captains urged their followers to select “none of these candidates” on the primary ballot in Nevada. This was the first time that all registered voters in the state received their ballot by mail.

Guadalupe Reyes, a Trump caucus captain and candidate for Nevada District 41 in the state Assembly, advises individuals to attend the caucus and select “none of the above” if they wish to support Trump. However, if they align with the Haley campaign, Reyes allows them to proceed. But for those specifically wanting to vote for Trump, attending the caucus is a requirement.

2020 election

She did not allocate any funds or actively campaign in Nevada during the primary election because she is not running for president in the 2020 election.caucus contest

The Nevada state Republican Party has been accused by her campaign of unfairly favoring Trump in the only race in the state that awards delegates, which will be held on Thursday.

“We made the decision early on to not spend $55,000 on participating in a biased process controlled by Trump,” stated Betsy Ankney, campaign manager for Haley, during a press conference before the primary. “Therefore, Nevada has not been and will not be our main focus.”

The Haley campaign’s evaluation was supported by other Republican candidates, according to CBS News.

According to a statement from Olivia Perez-Cubas of the Haley campaign, it is well known that even Donald Trump understands the concept of the house always winning when playing penny slots. Therefore, they chose not to participate in a game that was rigged in Trump’s favor. Instead, they are focusing on moving forward with determination in South Carolina and beyond, despite the primary results.

Haley’s campaign has faced another obstacle with the results in Nevada, but they have a plan for Super Tuesday on March 5. According to Ankney, Haley will focus on the 11 out of 16 Super Tuesday states that have open or semi-open primaries, which welcome independent voters.

Haley’s team is targeting independent voters who typically do not take part in Republican primaries. In Massachusetts, these independents account for 60% of all registered voters. To support her campaign, Haley has assembled a group of state representatives and community leaders to help rally and engage these voters.

2020, she may

Despite Haley’s campaign’s insistence that she will remain in the race until 2020, she maySouth Carolina

Following Super Tuesday, the Nevada results may continue to trouble her and increase the pressure from her party and certain allies to consider stepping down before South Carolina.

Certain supporters of Haley have informed CBS News that they aim to prevent Haley, who served as governor in South Carolina for two terms, from experiencing a potentially humiliating defeat in her own state. This could potentially have negative implications for her future in politics beyond the year 2024. Unlike in Nevada, both Trump and Haley will be listed as candidates in this election.


Source: cbsnews.com