In his speech near Valley Forge, Biden emphasizes Trump: "The fate of democracy is at stake."

In his speech near Valley Forge, Biden emphasizes Trump: “The fate of democracy is at stake.”

During his initial speech of the election year, President Biden cautioned the country about the dangers of compromising democracy. He and his campaign perceive Donald Trump as a threat to this democracy.

stormed the Capitol

The president’s speech in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, on Friday commemorates three years since followers of former President Donald Trump breached the Capitol building.

There was a riot at the United States Capitol Building.

According to Mr. Biden, although George Washington had the opportunity to serve as president for life following America’s independence, he chose not to. Mr. Biden stated that during the Revolutionary War, America made a promise to never again submit to a monarch.

“The main focus of the 2024 election is determining if democracy remains America’s core belief,” stated President Biden. “The decision is straightforward. Donald Trump’s campaign revolves around himself, not the country or its citizens. His campaign is fixated on the past rather than looking towards the future. He is willing to jeopardize our democracy to serve his own interests. In contrast, our campaign has a different approach.”

The individual is accused of conspiring to defraud the United States, obstructing an official proceeding, attempting to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiring against rights. Despite multiple denials, he maintains his innocence and claims to have not violated any laws.

President Biden’s decision to deliver his speech at Valley Forge on Friday references the harsh winter of 1777-1778, a difficult time for George Washington’s Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. Despite facing freezing temperatures, sickness, and limited food supplies, the soldiers remained determined in their fight for independence. Prior to his speech, the president placed a wreath at Valley Forge National Historic Park and visited Washington’s former headquarters.