Where can Jeffrey Epstein's island be found? What are the alleged events that occurred on Little St. James?

Where can Jeffrey Epstein’s island be found? What are the alleged events that occurred on Little St. James?

Legal papers made public during this week.

Discovered numerous individuals with diverse ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

A person who has been found guilty of sexual offenses. The list in the records consists of individuals who have accused Epstein, employees, and business partners, many of whom provided statements about how Epstein allegedly took advantage of underage girls for sexual purposes at his residences in Manhattan, Palm Beach, Florida, and his personal island near St. Thomas.

mentioned in the legal papers

Does not necessarily mean that something was done incorrectly.

Where is Little St. James, the private island owned by Epstein, located? What activities did he engage in there?

Where can Epstein’s island be found?

Called Little St. James, Epstein’s

The island consisted of several villas spanning 72 acres. and is about 2 miles off the coast of St. Thomas, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Epstein had stakes in businesses

In the United States Virgin Islands, specifically Hyperion Air.

In 2020, a worker at the harbor informed CBS News.

Although Epstein made charitable contributions to government officials and schools in the U.S. Virgin Islands, there were still concerns about his reputation in the local community.

The Attorney General of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Denise George.

In 2020, informed CBS News.

She did not believe he was viewed as a respectable member of the community.

She stated that it was common knowledge that he had a record as a sex offender.


The former residence of Jeffrey Epstein on Little St. James Island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The image is credited to Emily Michot of Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images.

What is said to have occurred on the island?

In 2019, Epstein

Passed away while incarcerated in a New York correctional facility.ruled a suicide.

Following Epstein’s passing, George was appointed as the attorney general, and her department filed a lawsuit against his estate. In the end, they prevailed.

Receiving a settlement of $105 million.

Representing the U.S. Virgin Islands.

George stated that the island served as a hiding place for Epstein’s unlawful actions. When questioned in 2020 about her decision to file a lawsuit after his passing, she replied with, “Why not now?”

“I am not able to comment on the events that occurred in the past,” she stated. “However, what I am aware of is that due to Epstein’s wealth and influence, he was able to cover up much of this.”


George stated that Epstein would arrive in St. Thomas via a personal aircraft, which aided in keeping his activities discreet. He would then utilize two helicopters from Hyperion Air to transfer minors and young women between St. Thomas and Little St. James. This information was mentioned in George’s written statement.lawsuit.

What were the statements of witnesses regarding Little St. James?

Several individuals working at the airport, including air traffic controllers and other staff, stated that they saw Epstein in the company of young girls who appeared to be around the age of twelve, according to the formal accusation.

George said that when he was still alive, the authorities were not allowed to enter the private property and were halted at the dock.

She reminded them that he possessed an entire island, so it was not a scenario where a child or young woman could easily escape and seek help at the closest police station.

Jeffrey Epstein's Private Island In The Caribbean Has Gone Quiet

A sign stating “private property” can be seen on Little St. James Island, which is owned by fund manager Jeffrey Epstein. The island is located in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and the photo was taken on Wednesday, July 10, 2019. Epstein, who was previously convicted of sex crimes in Florida and is currently facing charges in New York for trafficking underage girls, used this island as a retreat from his work of cultivating the wealthy and influential.

This picture was taken by Marco Bello/Bloomberg via Getty Images.

According to the lawsuit, a 15-year-old victim attempted to flee Little St. James by swimming.

has accused a man of sexual assault has been found not guilty

The man accused of sexual assault has been found innocent by the alleged victim’s accusation.

I had a conversation with CBS News.

Under the condition of anonymity, a person stated that Epstein took them to St. Thomas where he proceeded to rape them in his office. The person also claimed that they were trapped in Epstein’s bedroom on the island, where he had a gun tied to his bedpost. They were unable to leave the island except by helicopter or boat.

What information was disclosed regarding Epstein’s supposed offenses?

In 2008, prior to being accused of sex trafficking in 2019, Epstein made an agreement with prosecutors after admitting guilt to two state charges of soliciting prostitution from a minor in Florida.

Epstein entered into a non-prosecution agreement where he admitted to reduced state charges and spent 13 months in jail, mostly on work release. Additionally, he compensated victims and was required to register as a sex offender.

In 2020, CBS News reported that the news of the agreement had reached the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Captain Jim Query, who operates a charter boat, mentioned that there were discussions about Epstein receiving an advantageous deal.


FBI and law enforcement officials arrive on a boat at the personal island owned by Jeffrey Epstein.

Salty Dog Day Sails

Query stated that they were informed that it was a very brief sentence and potentially a form of house arrest. They were unsure if this was accurate on the island, but were aware that there were minimal consequences.

Some people have

The island known as Little St. James has been nicknamed “Pedophile Island.”


Files made public this week.

The list does not include actual names of Epstein’s associates, but rather individuals connected to the case. However, the flight records for Epstein’s personal plane, known as the “Lolita Express,”

Other documents have been released to the public.

In previous times, the aircraft was frequently utilized for flights to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Numerous individuals connected to Epstein have refuted any wrongdoing or association with his actions.


On August 12, 2019, FBI agents and police were seen riding golf carts towards Jeffrey Epstein’s property in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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What occurred on Epstein’s island?

Forbes initially revealed that billionaire Stephen Deckoff had purchased Little St. James and the adjacent 160-acre Great St. James, previously owned by Epstein, for a total of $60 million in May. The islands boast several villas, pools, and a helipad.

According to a press release regarding the acquisition, Deckoff, the creator of Black Diamond Capital Management, intends to construct a high-end, top-notch, and exceptional 25-room resort on the islands, set to open in 2025.

Jeffrey Epstein's Private Island In The Caribbean Has Gone Quiet

A structure is situated atop a hill on Little St. James Island, which is owned by financial manager Jeffrey Epstein, in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.

Marco Bello/Bloomberg via Getty Images



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