Ivanka Trump has been summoned to testify in a fraud trial in New York.

On Wednesday, Ivanka Trump gave testimony in the current civil fraud case against her father and his company in New York. She is the fourth and last member of the Trump family to testify in the trial.

Ivanka Trump, the oldest daughter of former President Donald Trump, was not charged in the fraud trial against her family. However, evidence presented in court on Wednesday showed that she was involved in a transaction at the Trump Organization where a document was used to inflate her father’s net worth. This document, a 2011 financial statement, was provided to a bank executive during negotiations for a loan and Ivanka Trump was copied on it.

Ivanka Trump is appearing two days after her father

Gave testimony for four hours in a tense manner.

The individual consistently attacked the judge in charge of the case and Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York.

Both attempted to hold the accountants employed by the Trump Organization responsible for any errors in the financial statements, which played a critical role in the purported plan to inflate their father’s wealth by billions in order to obtain more favorable loan and insurance terms.

During his testimony on Monday, Trump offered various explanations for the inaccuracies. He maintained that a disclaimer on the statements released him and the company from any accountability for their accuracy. Trump asserted that the statements actually underestimated the value of his properties, contradicting the judge’s previous ruling which stated that the statements had inflated the value of Trump’s assets and held the defendants accountable for fraud.

The office of James claims that the Trumps gained a minimum of $250 million from the fraudulent activity. They are requesting that the judge order the state to receive the same amount. The judge will also make a decision on other accusations regarding falsifying business documents, conspiring, and committing insurance fraud. The defendants have denied any involvement in these illegal actions.

The state plans to finish presenting its argument once Ivanka Trump finishes her testimony on Thursday.

The attorneys representing the Trump family will commence presenting their own witnesses on November 13th. They anticipate completing their argument by December 15th, as stated during a court session on Monday.

This story has been updated to correct an error. The letter was sent by Donald Trump, not Ivanka Trump, to a bank executive.

Reporting for this article was provided by Katrina Kaufman.

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