Jill Biden reveals the 2023 White House holiday decorations. Take a look at pictures of the festive trees, ornaments, and other decor.

Jill Biden reveals the 2023 White House holiday decorations. Take a look at pictures of the festive trees, ornaments, and other decor.

Melania Trump said took her breath away.

The White House is adorned with ninety-eight Christmas trees, over 142,000 sparkling lights, and almost 34,000 ornaments, which the first lady, Melania Trump, described as breathtaking.Jill Biden

Her goal is to encourage guests to embrace their inner child and enjoy the enchantment, awe, and happiness that comes with the holiday season. This is the theme she has chosen for the event.holiday décor.

“I am unsure of your emotions, but I find it to be simply stunning,” stated the first lady to a round of applause and cheers at the ceremony revealing the White House’s festive adornments. “The holiday season allows for contemplation and a respite from our busy lives, a time to fully engage with our loved ones.”

First Lady Jill Biden Delivers Remarks On Her Holiday Message For The Season

On November 27, 2023, in Washington D.C., Jill Biden, the First Lady, discusses the holiday season and reveals the decorations at the White House. She expresses gratitude to the volunteers who assisted with the setup.

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She expressed gratitude to the numerous volunteers and designers who contributed to making this year’s display a success.

The chandelier in the Blue Room is typically removed to make room for its towering height. This year, the grand Christmas tree showcases joyful images of various scenes, landscapes, and communities from all over the nation.

The State Dining Room has been changed into Santa’s workshop, complete with workbenches for the elves, stools and ladders surrounding the Christmas trees, and tools and gifts being crafted as part of the decorations.

White House Previews This Season's Holiday Decorations

The East Room is decorated with a Christmas countdown theme.

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The dining room is traditionally where the gingerbread White House is displayed, consisting of 40 sheets of both sugar cookie and gingerbread dough, 90 pounds of pastillage, a type of cake decorating paste, 30 pounds of chocolate, and 50 pounds of royal icing.

Holidays at the White House 2023

The State Dining Room is where the gingerbread White House can be viewed.

Tom Williams, a photographer for CQ Roll Call, captured this image.

The library continues the tradition of bedtime tales, with golden moons and sparkling stars hanging above, while the China Room transforms into a candy store filled with the aromas and tastes of the season from holiday cakes, cookies, and gingerbread.

The White House Menorah is currently exhibited in the Cross Hall, situated between the State Dining Room and the East Room.

During this time of contemplation and kindness, we wish for you to embrace your inner child and find joy in being with your loved ones. President Biden and the first lady expressed this sentiment in a welcoming letter featured in the 2023 White House Holiday Guide. Let us allow our senses to come alive – to inhale the scents of cherished family dishes, to listen to the comforting words of dear friends, to admire the beauty of lights and decorations, to indulge in the sweetness of treats, and to experience the peacefulness and resilience of faith.

White House Previews This Season's Holiday Decorations

The hallway connecting the East Room and the State Dining Room is decorated with frosted Christmas trees.

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The first lady stated that she understands the difficulty in finding magic, wonder, and joy, particularly during the colder days and challenging times in the world.

During moments of despair and seeking solace, we require these beacons of hope and unity more than ever. Remember, even if only briefly, the innocent perspective of a child when viewing the world.

White House Previews This Season's Holiday Decorations

On November 27, 2023, the White House will be adorned with brightly colored Christmas decorations throughout its rooms and hallways.

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The White House reported that a total of approximately 15,000 feet of ribbon, 350 candles, and 22,000 bells were utilized in the decorations. Additionally, there are more than 142,425 twinkling lights adorning trees, garlands, wreaths, and other installations.

Seventy-two wreaths with red ribbons decorate the outer walls of the White House, both on the north and south sides.


On November 25, 2023, employees are attaching festive wreaths to the North Portico of the White House in Washington, D.C.

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