Mike Pence, the previous Vice President, withdraws from the 2024 election for President.

46th President of the United States

Mike Pence, the former Vice President, has concluded his campaign in pursuit of becoming the 46th President of the United States.2024 GOP nominee

On Saturday, at the Republican Jewish Coalition event in Las Vegas, the speaker received a standing ovation.

Pence stated that they were aware it would be a difficult challenge, but he does not have any remorse. He tells the citizens of America that it is not his moment, but it is still their time. He encourages them to stay true to their core values: faith, family, and the US Constitution.

Pence had difficulty gaining momentum in the competition.,

ever since joining the race for presidency,2020 election.

Pence’s withdrawal from the race is a clear indication of the challenges faced by Republican candidates in terms of fundraising and public opinion. Despite being a high-profile candidate, Pence’s decision demonstrates the difficulty in breaking ties with former President Trump, especially in a competitive field. This announcement was made just before the 2020 election.third presidential debate

On November 8th in Miami, he had not yet qualified for the event.

Republican presidential candidates. 

Pence’s fundraising woes 

Pence faced a challenging task of differentiating himself from his previous employer while also not losing support from the many Trump supporters. As a result, his campaign struggled to generate enthusiasm and attract donations. In October, the candidate’s financial report revealed significant debts and limited individual contributions. Shortly after announcing his candidacy, Trump faced legal charges in both federal and Fulton County, Georgia for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 election results. This put Pence in the public eye and required him to speak out more against his former boss.

During his time campaigning, Pence often had to justify his choice to go against Trump and his alleged efforts to invalidate the results of the 2020 election. Pence consistently stated that he upheld his duties under the Constitution during the Jan. 6, 2021 joint session of Congress, despite facing criticism from many Republican supporters.

During the months of June to September, he successfully gathered $3.3 million in funds. However, his remaining cash on hand was only $1.2 million, leaving him with a considerable debt of around $620,000. This was highlighted by his personal donation of $150,000 to his campaign, further emphasizing the financial challenges his campaign was facing.

Pence focused on gathering donations to secure a place in the upcoming Republican debate in Miami on November 8th. The Pence campaign had not confirmed if the candidate had met the necessary criteria of 70,000 individual donations or met the polling requirements to participate. Currently, only four campaigns have announced their qualification and attendance at the debate: Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Chris Christie.

With the deadline for submitting for the South Carolina primary approaching in just three days, the candidate’s campaign had avoided responding to questions from journalists regarding the filing procedure, which included a fee of $50,000.

Vice President Pence publicly disagreed with former President Trump.

Pence’s disagreement with Trump began following the 2020 election when he declined to challenge the election outcome during the joint session of Congress on January 6, 2021, which had an impact on his campaign. The House select committee, which was investigating the assault on the U.S. Capitol, has thoroughly documented Pence’s involvement in the events leading up to January 6.

During the violent events at the U.S. Capitol, protesters were heard shouting “execute Mike Pence” and Pence was relocated to a safe area.

In the end, on January 7th, after Congress met again, Pence officially confirmed the election outcome. Trump often accused Pence of not supporting his efforts to reverse the election result, leading to Pence publicly denouncing Trump and his supporters.

Some people in our group think that, as the leader of the joint meeting of Congress, I had the power to reject Electoral College Votes on my own. I was told this week that President Trump claimed I had the ability to invalidate the election. However, President Trump’s statement is incorrect. in Michigan

In 2022, while giving a speech in Michigan, Pence stated.

“I was not entitled to overturn the election,” stated the speaker from Florida at the Federalist Society.

Donald Trump was charged by a federal grand jury.

During August, he was indicted for his suspected involvement in attempting to overturn the election outcome. The charges presented in the indictment include…Pence is portrayed as a central figure in the attempt to resist Trump and his co-conspirators alleged schemes. The 45-page indictment mentions Pence’s name or the “vice president” more than 100 times. 

The legal charges claim that Trump made multiple efforts to persuade the Vice President to misuse his ceremonial duties during the certification process in order to manipulate the election outcome. These actions are connected to the violent events at the Capitol when Pence refused to comply.

Biden weighs in

President Biden criticized the Pence campaign, specifically mentioning the former vice president’s stance on abortion and his role in disputing the election.

The Biden-Harris campaign instructed CBS to refer to a post by a member of Biden’s rapid response team.

According to the post, Mike Pence has been actively campaigning for those who reject the outcome of the election, advocating for a country-wide ban on abortion, and consistently pushing for cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The post also claims that there is no difference between Pence and the person he served under, despite attempts to portray otherwise.

Other Republican candidates weigh in

Following the announcement, many individuals running for office expressed their solidarity with the ex-Vice President. Notably, Vivek Ramaswamy, the biotech tycoon, has yet to make a public statement.

During an interview on “Meet the Press” in August, Ramaswamy stated that he would have handled the events of January 6th in a different manner and emphasized the need for Congressional reforms prior to the joint session.

Trump did not comment on his former running mate’s choice to pause his campaign.

At the initial Republican debate on June 20 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the majority of candidates expressed support for Pence’s assertion that he fulfilled his constitutional responsibilities on January 6.

On Saturday, Asa Hutchinson, the former Governor of Arkansas, shared his good wishes for Pence on X, following Pence’s recent announcement.

“Susan and I send our well wishes to Mike and Karen as they persist in their efforts to uphold conservative principles and serve our nation,” Hutchinson expressed.

At a political gathering in Las Vegas on Saturday, Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina, a Republican candidate, expressed his admiration for Vice President Mike Pence. He referred to Pence as a prayer partner, friend, and a person with strong values and moral principles. Scott believes that the Republican Party has benefitted from Pence’s leadership and is confident that he and his wife Karen will continue to serve the country and uphold their faith.

Also taking to X to comment, Christie said, “I am beyond grateful for everything Vice President @Mike_Pence has done for this country. He has consistently fought for American values from his time in Congress to his governorship and serving the American people as Vice President.”

Haley, who was also a competitor in the 2024 election, praised Pence’s tenure in public service and admired his religious beliefs.

In a statement, Haley expressed her appreciation for his dedication to faith and service. She also recognized his efforts in fighting for both America and Israel, and expressed gratitude towards him for his service.

Joining his Republican rivals on X, DeSantis said, “Vice President Mike Pence is a principled man of faith who has worked tirelessly to advance the conservative cause. Casey and I appreciate Mike and Karen for their willingness to put themselves forward in this campaign and wish the Pence family well in their next steps.”

Burgum expressed his gratitude to @Mike_Pence for his service and for bravely being in the arena. He also extended his well wishes to Pence and Karen through a post on X.

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