Proposed RNC resolution aims to prevent payment of legal expenses for candidates

Proposed RNC resolution aims to prevent payment of legal expenses for candidates

Two proposals have been shared by a member of the Republican National Committee with the aim of preventing the party from being responsible for any payments.

Legal expenses incurred by a candidate running for president.

It would be party policy to maintain a neutral stance in the Republican presidential primaries.

One of the initial suggestions, created by Henry Barbour who has been a member of the RNC for a long time, declares that the party should refrain from collaborating with any candidate until they have obtained at least 1,215 delegates and become the official nominee for the Republican Party.

According to the proposal, the Republican National Committee is required to remain impartial during primary elections, as outlined in RNC Rule 11. This rule states that the party cannot provide financial support or assistance to any candidate running for public or party office in a specific state, unless they are the official Republican Party nominee or running unopposed in the Republican Primary after the filing deadline.

The Republican primary in South Carolina took place on Saturday. According to a memo released by Trump’s campaign, they aim to reach the delegate threshold by March 19 at the latest.


The ex-president intends to retire.install senior campaign adviser Chris LaCivita

He has been selected to operate as the chief operating officer of the RNC, which will improve communication and collaboration between his campaign and the party prior to officially securing the nomination.

The second proposal requests that the RNC prohibit the use of party funds to cover legal expenses for either ex-president Donald Trump or ex-Ambassador Nikki Haley that are not related to the upcoming 2024 Presidential election.

This comes as hundreds of millions of dollars

Fees and penalties connected to Trump’s multiple legal disputes are accumulating. According to reports from the Federal Election Commission, two political action committees linked to Trump have already used more than $50 million on legal expenses in the past year.

The proposal states that using RNC funds for a candidate’s legal expenses that are not related to the 2024 election cycle goes against the main goal of the RNC, which is to support candidates in the 2024 election.

CNN was the first news outlet to cover the preliminary proposal.

The proposals were criticized by the Trump campaign as being “ridiculous.”

According to LaCivita, the primary election has ended and it is now the responsibility of the Republican National Committee to defeat Joe Biden and regain control of the White House. Any attempts to delay this process will only aid in Joe Biden’s goal of destroying our country. Republicans must not remain passive and must take action to prevent this from happening.

According to reports, the RNC withdrew a resolution for consideration last month.

Announcing Trump as the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee for the 2024 election.

Prior to officially securing the necessary number of delegates.