Reworded: Voter statements during the 2024 Republican primary exit polls in South Carolina.

Reworded: Voter statements during the 2024 Republican primary exit polls in South Carolina.

Please note that the percentages displayed may change as CBS News continues to gather additional data.

2020 presidential election.

South Carolina voters are participating in the 2020 presidential election.2024 Republican primary election

On Saturday, I will provide updates on the factors that influenced voters’ choices between former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

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Based on the exit polls, it was found that…

Exit poll results for the 2024 Republican primary in South Carolina.

According to preliminary exit polls, a majority of Republican voters in the South Carolina primary do not believe that Trump is mentally unfit to hold the position of president.

The polls will end at 7 p.m.

When will the complete results for the South Carolina GOP primary be announced?

After the polls close, the primary results for the South Carolina Republican primary will begin to be reported. CBS News will not make any assumptions or predictions about the race until the last polls close at 7 p.m. ET.

The current delegate count for the 2024 Republican candidates.

According to CBS News, this is the most recent calculation of the number of delegates assigned to Republican candidates, based on the outcomes of previous nominating contests. Prior to the South Carolina primary, Trump had approximately 63 delegates, while Haley had 17. South Carolina has a total of 50 delegates, with 29 allocated at the state level, to be awarded to the overall winner. The remaining 21 delegates are distributed by congressional district, with each of the seven districts having three delegates. The candidate who wins each district will receive all three delegates.

There are a total of 50 delegates up for grabs, with 29 being given to the candidate who wins the statewide vote. The remaining 21 delegates will be distributed based on the votes in each of the state’s seven congressional districts. The candidate with the most votes in each district will receive three delegates from that district. The current tracker displays an estimate of the delegates assigned after the GOP contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada.