Rep. George Santos is still standing firm as the House prepares to vote on his expulsion this week.

Rep. George Santos is still standing firm as the House prepares to vote on his expulsion this week.

The expulsion vote is drawing attention towards George Santos.

The upcoming expulsion vote is drawing attention to George Santos.

Washington — Embattled Republican Rep. George Santos

On Thursday, despite facing a third resolution in Congress to remove him from office, the individual in question remains unyielding. This comes two weeks after the House Ethics Committee announced their findings.“overwhelming evidence”

He broke a federal law.

During a press conference at the Capitol, Santos reiterated his disapproval of his fellow Congress members and expressed frustration with their repeated wasting of the American people’s time. The New York representative cautioned that removing him from office would have negative consequences for many House members.

“He stated that this will continue to affect them in the future, as mere accusations can result in the removal of members of Congress who have been legitimately elected by their constituents in their respective states and districts.”

Five previous legislators who were removed from the lower house – three of whom joined the Confederacy during the Civil War and two who were found guilty of federal offenses.

He expressed that one of the actions proposed by the leader of the House Ethics Committee to remove him was a form of bullying. He believes it is all for show, put on for the benefit of the media and the public.

George Santos Holds Press Conference On Capitol Hill Steps

On November 30, 2023 in Washington, DC, Congressman George Santos (R-NY) spoke with members of the press outside of the U.S. Capitol building.

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Santos criticized the current condition of the House, stating that it symbolizes disorder. He also repeated accusations against certain members of the chamber, claiming they have also committed misconduct.

pleaded guilty last month to a misdemeanor charge for

Making a false emergency call by activating a fire alarm.

located in a building within the Capitol complex.

In reply to the proposed resolution to expel him, Bowman stated that Santos’ actions should not be taken seriously. He also referred to the threatened measure by the Republican lawmaker as yet another trivial publicity stunt, in line with his past record of scams, tricks, and blatant deception.

The GOP politician stated that he will not give in to demands to resign from his position in Congress, despite accusations from the Justice Department that he misused donations, used campaign funds for personal use, and falsely received unemployment benefits.

Despite facing legal and professional issues, Santos has consistently defended himself against the accusations made against him. This has been happening while more and more of his fellow Republican colleagues have joined in calling for his removal. However, the new congressman stated last week that he will not resign under any circumstances.

He anticipates being kicked out.

He scolded his fellow House members for tarnishing his reputation, despite receiving criticism from the House.

A vote on 

The removal of Santos is scheduled for Friday.

The resolution being deliberated on Thursday presents the most significant challenge to his position in Congress. During the discussion, politicians, including members of his own party, reiterated their demands for Santos to be ousted from the House.

According to Republican congressman Michael Guest of Mississippi, George Santos has constructed his public image, as well as his personal and political actions, based on deceit.

Despite this, Santos continued to argue that he was being unfairly singled out.

He declared, during his speech on the floor, “I will not remain silent.” The individuals residing in the 3rd District of New York have chosen me to represent them. If they wish for me to leave, they must silence those individuals and make a difficult decision.

The Santos expulsion resolutions

Two legislators introduced measures on Tuesday to compel action on individual resolutions that aim to expel Santos from Congress, arranging for votes in the House before the end of the week.

Rep. George Santos walks back to his office after debate on the House floor on a resolution to expel him from Congress, at the U.S. Capitol on Nov. 1, 2023.

On November 1, 2023, Representative George Santos returned to his office after participating in a debate on the House floor regarding a resolution to remove him from Congress at the U.S. Capitol.

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Guest’s measurement was 5.introduced

Soon after the panel released its conclusions, Republican Representative Anthony D’Esposito from New York’s congressional delegation attempted to expedite it using House rules. On Tuesday, Democratic Representative Robert Garcia from California introduced another resolution, which has special privileges.

On Wednesday, House Speaker Mike Johnson stated that

He has genuine concerns.

There is talk of removing Santos from the position, but Republican leaders are not pressuring their members to vote in a specific manner.

Johnson stated at the weekly press conference for Republican leaders that individuals will have the opportunity to vote according to their own beliefs. He believes this is the most suitable course of action and that the vote has not been influenced or pressured in any way. He has faith that people will carefully consider their decision and make it with sincerity.

Santos is not runningsignaled in March

He planned to run for reelection.

There have been repeated demands for Santos to step down since he joined the House more than 11 months ago, initially arising after his appointment.admitted to embellishing

His 2022 bid for Congress prompted him to share his resume and background. As calls for his resignation intensified following his actions, the pressure for him to step down increased.indicted by the Justice Department

The individual was charged with around twenty federal offenses and the situation intensified following the release of the Ethics panel’s findings.

Santos has entered a plea of not guilty to all federal charges and has alleged that those attempting to remove him are acting as both judge and jury, as well as carrying out the punishment.

During his news conference, he stated that evidence does not equate to conviction or a verdict, and the same goes for allegations.

on the matter is

The report from the Ethics Committee regarding this issue is.

The Ethics Committee announced in March

The opening of a formal investigation into Santos has been announced. The investigation will look into various allegations, such as potential illegal actions in relation to his 2022 congressional campaign, failure to disclose necessary information on House reports, potential violation of federal conflict of interest laws, and allegations of sexual misconduct towards a potential congressional aide.


The committee’s seven-month investigation uncovered significant evidence that Santos violated the law and implicated him in a convoluted scheme of illegal actions related to his campaign, personal finances, and business dealings. The report revealed that Santos used campaign funds for personal expenses, including at his own discretion.

high-end stores, luxury vacation destinations, and beauty procedures

He informed the Federal Election Commission of nonexistent loans made to his political committees and submitted fraudulent reports.

Furthermore, the committee reported that despite Santos’ promise to assist in their investigation, he deliberately caused confusion and delayed the process. Despite his claims that his previous campaign treasurer, Nancy Marks, was responsible for any campaign finance wrongdoings, the House investigators determined that Santos was fully aware of and actively involved in the illegal activities.

The Republican representative strongly criticized the committee’s report, stating it was driven by political motives. He argued that it tainted the potential jurors in his federal case and established a concerning precedent.

Last week, it was stated that this ruling marks a new period of fair treatment under the law where one is considered guilty until proven innocent. As a result, your allegations will be utilized to defame, harm, and eliminate you from the community. This is the intention behind their actions, according to the speaker.

Santos was able to avoid being removed from Congress on two occasions, as fellow lawmakers chose not to penalize him due to his ongoing criminal case and the investigation by the Ethics Committee. However, after the completion of the congressional review, a number of his colleagues changed their stance.

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