The Biden campaign releases a new advertisement criticizing President Trump's healthcare policies.

The Biden campaign releases a new advertisement criticizing President Trump’s healthcare policies.

The Biden campaign is criticizing the health care policies of former President Donald Trump in a newly released television advertisement being broadcasted on Thursday in multiple crucial swing states.

The advertisement, titled “Your Family,” highlights the Biden administration’s efforts to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and includes an interview with Jody, a pediatric nurse from Nevada, who expresses concerns about the policies of the Trump administration.

“The nurse expresses her reluctance to revert to policies that only benefit the wealthy and neglect the needs of many,” states the advertisement.

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The Biden campaign has launched an offensive in response to Trump’s renewed demands for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, also referred to as Obamacare, through a series of recent posts on Truth Social.

In a post on November 25, Trump expressed his concerns about the rising cost and inadequate quality of Obamacare. He also mentioned considering alternative options. Trump also criticized Republican Senators who had campaigned against the healthcare plan for six years, but ultimately did not vote to repeal it. This was seen as a disappointment for the Republican Party, but Trump urges them to continue fighting.

Later, Trump clarified that his intention is not to end Obamacare, but instead to “substitute it with superior healthcare.”


In 2017, following Trump’s election, Republicans made an effort to overturn the Affordable Care Act, but were ultimately unsuccessful.failed

A member of Trump’s campaign team informed CBS News that Trump’s social media updates were in response to an article published by the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board. The article discussed a letter written by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Mike Braun to the Department of Health and Human Services, requesting an investigation into whether major insurance companies are using their own pharmacies to bypass restrictions on prescription drug costs.

According to a Trump campaign adviser, Trump’s social media posts aim to emphasize the importance of expanding healthcare options for American citizens and acknowledge that there is bipartisan agreement on certain issues related to healthcare costs. The original post also featured an editorial from The Wall Street Journal.

Approximately 40 million Americans are covered by the Affordable Care Act for their health care needs.

The latest advertisement from the Biden campaign will be broadcasted in Phoenix, Atlanta, Detroit, Las Vegas, Raleigh, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee. It will also air during prime time on broadcast networks and is anticipated to be shown on national cable news.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, campaign manager for Biden, stated that this advertisement will bring attention to the decision voters will have to make in 2024. They can either choose Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans who prioritize the interests of big pharmaceutical and insurance companies over affordable healthcare for hard-working Americans, or they can choose President Biden who is committed to reducing healthcare costs for families and lowering the prices of prescription drugs.