The Trump brothers minimize their connection to the documents involved in the New York fraud case.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump downplayed their connection to the financial records at the center of their family’s ongoing

Trial for civil fraud in New York.

During the sworn testimony on Thursday.

The two older sons of ex-President Donald Trump gave testimony in a New York City court stating that they played a minor role in creating financial records that exaggerated the worth of Trump Organization real estate and their father’s riches.

Both Trump Jr. and Eric Trump were sworn in to provide answers regarding their understanding of the plan, which the state claims resulted in $250 million in profits over a ten-year period. The court has already ruled that the Trumps and their company are responsible for fraud, concluding that they altered financial records in order to secure advantageous agreements with banks and insurance companies.

A gag order has been issued to prohibit the defendants from publicly speaking about court personnel.

According to reports, she was observed exchanging notes with Engoron often during the proceedings and it was suggested that she may have had a political bias. Engoron countered by accusing a defense lawyer of displaying “a touch of sexism” in regards to his objections about the female law clerk.

“I am not a sexist, I am happily married and I have a 17-year-old daughter,” stated Christopher Kise, the lawyer.

The argument started with a different topic: a disagreement about the questions being posed to Eric Trump by Andrew Amer, a lawyer from the attorney general’s office. Amer was accused of asking the same questions multiple times in order to elicit a specific response.

In the end, Amer expressed satisfaction with Eric Trump’s excellent testimony.

Amer stated that the testimony from this witness greatly benefits our case.

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