A $25 million settlement is available for millions of Apple users to claim. Here's the process.

A $25 million settlement is available for millions of Apple users to claim. Here’s the process.

Customers who have subscribed to Apple Music and other similar services may have the opportunity to receive a portion of a $25 million settlement related to the company’s subscription-sharing program.

The agreement resolves a legal case regarding Apple’s Family Sharing benefit, a complimentary feature that permits six individuals to use a selection of monthly subscription apps, such as Apple News+, Music, TV+, Arcade, and Apple Card, through one shared subscription.

The lawsuit filed by Walter Peters against Apple Inc. claims that Apple used deceptive advertising for Family Sharing on almost all of its subscription-based apps on the App Store, even though most of these apps did not actually support the sharing service. This led to millions of customers being misled into purchasing subscriptions through third-party apps that they would not have bought otherwise, according to the lawyers handling the case.

If you possess an ID number and PIN, you have the option to submit your claim on the website. If you do not have this information, you will need to download and complete the payment election form from the website of the case.

According to the settlement website, the deadline for filing is March 1, 2024. Claimants who submit their claims after this date will not be eligible for compensation.

What is the amount of the payout?

According to the FAQ section of the claims site, eligible individuals in the class action lawsuit may receive a maximum of $30 as part of the settlement.

How will I receive my payment?

If you qualify for a payment, you have the option of selecting either an ACH transfer (electronic payment) or a check as your method of payment, as stated on the settlement website.

You must specify your preferred method of payment by the submission deadline or else you may lose your share of the settlement.

How can I determine my eligibility?

According to The Verge, customers who qualify will be sent an email containing details about the settlement. To qualify, you must have bought a subscription through a third-party app while being part of the Family Sharing plan with at least one other person from June 21, 2015 to January 30, 2019.

If you meet the eligibility requirements but have not received a notification, you can still submit a claim by completing the form on the settlement website and sending it through mail.

Class members have the option to opt out. Who is eligible to opt out?

If you are considering taking legal action against Apple for any issues related to the class-action lawsuit, you have the option to opt out. This requires sending a letter to the case administrator with your contact information, signature, and a statement clearly stating your decision to not participate in the settlement.

You have the option to submit an opt-out request through the settlement website by completing a form, printing it, and sending it via mail.

Please send your opt-out request to the address provided below: Peters v. Apple Class Action Settlement Administrator, P.O. Box 301134, Los Angeles, CA 90030-1134. Ensure that your request is postmarked by March 1, 2024 at the latest.

Elizabeth Napolitano

Source: cbsnews.com