Ziwe inquires of George Santos, "How can we persuade you to leave?"

Ziwe inquires of George Santos, “How can we persuade you to leave?”

George Santos is aware that he is amusing.

1,400 counts of child pornography, has resigned.

The ex-congressman from New York, who faces 1,400 charges of child pornography, has stepped down from his position. 23 federal charges and was expelled from Congress

Earlier this month, they did not avoid the attention – especially when others were present.

I am ready to compensate for it.. 

Santos, rumored to be profiting from his popularity by creating paid recordings on Cameo, was interviewed by Ziwe, a comedian recognized for her direct and playful interviewing approach.

A video of an 18-minute interview was uploaded to YouTube on Monday.

“Please refrain from sending me invitations to your performances,” he requested.

Comedian Ziwe (left) and George Santos

Ziwe, a comedian, conducted an interview with George Santos on YouTube.

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Her response was a reminder to not invite you to events.

“You cannot,” he stated, “because individuals desire the material.”

The day after being expelled, Ziwe contacted Santos via X to inquire about a potential “pay-per-view interview.” She informed him that he would be a highly esteemed guest. Santos agreed and the two conducted the interview last week. Despite asking three times, Santos did not receive payment for his participation, according to the video.

“How many credit cards that were stolen did you use to purchase this outfit?”

Prior to the interview, Santos was heard inquiring with Ziwe about the status of their microphones and reminding them to be cautious when discussing matters related to the Department of Justice.

Santos is

Attempting to reach a potential agreement for a plea bargain.

The individual is currently being pursued by legal representatives for multiple offenses, including deceiving contributors to his campaign, providing false information about his financial status to Congress, obtaining unemployment benefits despite being employed, and using funds from his campaign for personal expenditures such as expensive designer clothing, credit card bills, and car payments.

According to a report from the House Ethics Committee, it is alleged that Santos used significant amounts of campaign funds at luxury retailers such as Hermès and Ferragamo, as well as on cosmetic treatments including Botox. Smaller purchases were also allegedly made at Sephora.

Despite not acknowledging using any of the funds from his contributors for the purchases, Santos proudly revealed to Ziwe that he was sporting a pair of Ferragamo shoes, stating, “That’s my signature look.”

“How many credit cards that were stolen did you use to purchase this outfit?” she inquired. “Ferragamo. Hermès. You also seem to enjoy luxury items.”

Santos initially claimed that he did not possess any items from Hermès besides cologne.

“He mentioned that he only wears items from Hermès,” he stated, gesturing to his wrist. “Except for the bracelet,” he added.

Ziwe asked how the person was able to purchase an Hermès bracelet.

Santos claimed that his spouse gave him the item. The 35-year-old member of the Republican party also revealed that he has been receiving injections of Botox and fillers since the age of 25.

“He stated that he will always admit it.”

Ziwe inquired about the payment method.

“I have always been employed, Ziwe,” he stated. “Therefore, yes, it is my personal funds. Similar to all of my other possessions, it is my own money.”

Santos was questioned about whether he prefers stealing from Sephora or Ulta, but he stated that he does not participate in petty criminal activities.

“Professional,” commented Ziwe.

Santos on civil rights icons 

Santos, who has previously drawn comparisons between himself and Rosa Parks, citing his refusal to sit in the back row of the House chamber, had difficulty naming other important figures in the civil rights movement.

Ziwe inquired from Santos about the significance of Marsha P. Johnson to him, who was a prominent advocate for gay rights and identified as a drag queen.

Santos praised the person as being very respectful and honorable, encouraging them to continue on.

“What is your interpretation of respectful and honorable?” Asked by Ziwe.

Santos responded with ambiguity, indicating that he may not have been familiar with Johnson, regarding all the positions and tasks involved.

Harvey Milk

He was the initial openly homosexual man to hold a position in California’s government.assassinated

The location for the event was San Francisco City Hall and it took place in 1978.

Santos expressed confusion about the identities of James Baldwin and Milk, stating that he did not know who they were.

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