Apple plans to address a bug in the iPhone 15 that has been causing the devices to overheat.

Apple plans to address a bug in the iPhone 15 that has been causing the devices to overheat.

Apple is attributing the overheating and discomfort experienced by some customers with its latest iPhones to a software glitch and problems with certain apps.

The manufacturer of smartphones announced on Saturday that they will be releasing an update for the iOS 17 software, which runs on iPhone 15 models. This update aims to resolve an issue that caused the devices to overheat. Additionally, the company is collaborating with app developers to address any apps that may be overloading the system and contributing to the overheating problem.

On Wednesday, the solution was made available through a software update for iPhones that were affected. The update alert stated that it includes crucial fixes for bugs, security updates, and resolves an issue that may cause an iPhone to overheat.


Apple issued a software update in response to reports of certain iPhone 15 Pro models exhibiting higher than normal temperatures. Aimee Picchi

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Apple has announced that iOS 17 is now available for download. However, updates for other apps like Uber and Asphalt 9 are still being released, according to Apple.

The latest update for Apple’s iOS, version 17, includes several new features. Here’s what you need to know about the changes. The update will be available at 05:20.

It is uncertain whether the entire iPhone 15 series is experiencing higher temperatures than anticipated and if the bug and application problems are also affecting previous models.

Last month, it was reported that the iPhone 15 Pro Max reached a temperature of 112 degrees while performing high-demand tasks such as gaming and while it was plugged in for charging.

At 04:24, Apple reveals the iPhone 15, which includes a USB-C charging capability and a periscope lens.

It is common for newly purchased iPhones to become warmer than usual during the initial days of use or when restoring data from the cloud. Apple has already alerted users about these potential issues.

The devices may experience overheating when running high-performance apps like video games and augmented reality technology. However, the iPhone 15 models have encountered heating problems even outside of these usual scenarios.

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