The implications and impact of President Biden's executive order on artificial intelligence.

The implications and impact of President Biden’s executive order on artificial intelligence.

On Monday, President Biden issued an executive order to establish updated regulations for the safety and security of artificial intelligence, with the goal of protecting American data, encouraging progress and competition, and strengthening the United States’ position as a leader in this field.

existing policies, rather than creating new ones

Due to the slow pace of legal development in comparison to technological progress, the government is promoting the new executive order as an expansion of current policies rather than the implementation of new ones.prior voluntary commitments

The president announced an executive order on Monday that addresses the safe and secure development of AI, with input from top tech companies. He stated that this action is the most significant of its kind in the world.

According to Mr. Biden, we can expect significant technological advancements in the next five to ten years that will surpass the progress made in the past 50 years. This is largely due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence, which will greatly accelerate the pace of change. AI is already present in many aspects of our daily lives.

Kathryn Watson