Hamas has expressed willingness to negotiate a new cease-fire agreement with Israel, as the recent release of hostages has sparked happiness and calls for a longer period of peace.

Hamas has expressed willingness to negotiate a new cease-fire agreement with Israel, as the recent release of hostages has sparked happiness and calls for a longer period of peace.

extended for two additional days to allow for the

The freeing of additional captives

According to Israeli officials, a new list of Palestinian prisoners has been approved for release if Hamas follows through on their promise to free more hostages. Additionally, Israel has received a list of names from Hamas of the hostages they plan to release later on Tuesday.

Israel reports that approximately 170 individuals are still being held in Gaza, although not all of them are under the control of Hamas. According to American officials, efforts are ongoing to extend the ceasefire and secure the release of all captives. Negotiations will continue until this goal is achieved.

According to a Hamas representative, the organization, which is recognized as a terrorist group by the U.S., Israel, and other countries, is seeking to extend the temporary ceasefire and release not only women and children (as they have been doing daily since Friday), but also male hostages and Israeli soldiers who were abducted. The Israeli Prime Minister’s office did not respond to inquiries regarding negotiations for a new agreement with Hamas.

The White House is aiming to prolong the truce.


Over the course of four consecutive nights, Hamas has freed a total of 69 captive individuals, with the most recent group consisting of 29 individuals.

11 individuals turned in on Monday evening
Eight individuals were minors, with the youngest being a set of twins aged 3.

Families have been rejoicing as they are reunited, such as Maayan Zin, who is now able to hold her daughters Ella and Dafna once again.

Other families who have been taken hostage have experienced mixed emotions in the past few days.


A released photo from the Israel Defense Forces depicts Sahar Calderon, embracing her sister Gaya in Tel Aviv, Israel. This occurred after she was freed from captivity in Gaza by the Hamas militant group on November 27, 2023.

IDF handout

Hadas Calderon received news on Monday evening that her daughter, Sahar, and son, Erez, were being released. However, it is believed that their father, Ofer, is still being held captive.

There will be further discomfort in the future.Abigail Mor Edan

A 4-year-old child with dual citizenship in the United States and Israel was released, but sadly their parents were among the approximately 1,200 individuals who lost their lives during Hamas’ attack on southern Israel on October 7th.

Abigail’s aunt, Ella Mor, expressed her joy to CBS News about having her here. She described Abigail as Israel’s little one and noted that everyone treats her as their own child.

Hamas has released a 4-year-old girl, who was the first American hostage, after her parents were killed on October 7th.

As of Tuesday, it was uncertain whether the young girl was aware of her parents’ passing.

After Abigail’s release, the family received a phone call from President Biden, which Mor described as an incredible experience. She felt like the U.S. leader had become a part of their family, almost like a grandfather.

Mor expressed her family’s gratitude for the support and compassion received from the United States and other countries. She mentioned that they had received numerous adoption offers for Abigail, but wanted to clarify that she already has a loving and caring family who is dedicated to protecting her. Despite the loss of her parents, Abigail is surrounded by love and being well taken care of.

Mor stated, “My heart has improved slightly at the moment, but there are still numerous incredible individuals, including children, women, and men, who remain in Gaza. It is crucial that we bring them back. Bringing only 13 people at a time is not sufficient. We must bring them all back in order for our hearts to truly heal.”

On Tuesday, Iris Weinstein Hagai was still hopeful for her mother Judy’s recovery, as there have been no updates on the whereabouts of the 70-year-old who is believed to be among the American hostages in Gaza.

According to the woman, who spoke to CBS News, the hostages who were freed did not encounter her or receive any information about her. She also stated that she has no evidence of her mother’s well-being.

Hagai stated that she had witnessed a video that indicated her father, Gadi, who is also a citizen of the United States and believed to be one of the hostages, had been fatally injured by the militants. They subsequently took his body.

She expressed optimism about successfully rescuing all of the hostages, including the soldiers, the often overlooked men, and the deceased individuals.



Source: cbsnews.com